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Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Elvis Costello & The Imposters

June 13, 2023

Golden Gate Theatre | 1 Taylor St. San Francisco, CA 94102


Elvis Costello & The Imposters - with their special guest Charlie Sexton - are bringing their tour “We're All Going On A Summer Holiday” to the Golden Gate Theatre for one night only, Tuesday, June 13. Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets will open.

Since 2018, Costello has issued ten record releases; the most recent being, “The Songs of Bacharach & Costello,” a 4-CD, 2-LP box-set celebrating his nearly 30-year songwriting collaboration with Burt Bacharach. It was named Best New Reissue by Pitchfork. The Grammy Award-winning Elvis Costello and The Imposters album "Look Now" of 2018 was followed by the companion E.P., "Purse" while a French language E.P., "La Face Du Pendule à Coucou" followed the album, "Hey Clockface" - recorded in Helsinki and, Paris. Together with co-producer, Sebastian Krys, Costello also completed work on "Spanish Model" - an adaptation of 1978's album "This Year's Model" with new vocals recorded in lyrical adaptation and translation with a cast of Latin music performers. In 2022, the latest Elvis Costello and The Imposters release, "The Boy Named If," was followed into the stores by "The Resurrection of Rust,” - the recording debut after fifty years of Rusty - the duo of Liverpool-based singer-songwriters, D.P. MacManus and Allan Mayes, accompanied by The Imposters for new recordings of their 1972 repertoire including two Nick Lowe compositions from his days in the band Brinsley Schwarz.

Preparations for a return to the stage in 2021 (and again in the summer of 2022) led to the release of "The Boy Named If (Alive at Memphis Magnetic)'", which found the band running down live arrangements of their new songs along with the Jagger/Richards song, "Out Of Time" and Nick Lowe's 1976 Dutch release, "Truth Drug". The collection was completed by a brand new version of "Magnificent Hurt" by the Japanese duo, chelmico.

AGES & ADVISORIES: No children under 5 allowed.


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