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Marquee Lounge

Marquee Lounge

at the Orpheum Theatre


Step away from the crowds and experience the all-new Marquee Lounge at your performance at the Orpheum Theatre.


  • Private restrooms

  • Complimentary welcome drink

  • Dedicated bar service, specialty cocktails, and lounge seating

  • Complimentary small bites

  • Maximum capacity of 56 per performance


Enhance your theatre-going experience for $95 per person.


The Marquee Lounge is open 90 minutes before curtain. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis for each production.


Getaccess to the Marquee Lounge by either selecting a seat that has the Marquee Lounge included or by purchasing access as an upgrade during the purchasing process.

For more information, feel free to give us a call at 888-746-1799 or email us at [email protected].


What is the Marquee Lounge?

An all-new private lounge area to enhance your theatre-going experience.

Is the Marquee Lounge the same as the Blue Room?

No, the Marquee Lounge is an entirely new paid admission bar and seating area for customers.

Where is the Marquee Lounge located?

As you enter the Orpheum Theatre lobby, the lounge entrance is on your right, just past the stairs.

What are the benefits of Marquee Lounge access?

The Marquee Lounge provides theatregoers with the opportunity to enhance your experience with a private bathroom, dedicated bar service, lounge seating, complimentary bites, and welcome drinks. Customers can take advantage of the lounge at their performance.

How do I get access?

You can purchase Marquee Lounge tickets as part of the ticket-buying process as an add-on to enhance your night at the show.

How much does it cost?

$95 per person. This is in addition to the price of your ticket.

How early is the Marquee Lounge available before a performance?

The Marquee Lounge is open 90 minutes before curtain.

How many people does the Marquee Lounge hold?

The maximum capacity of the Marquee Lounge is 56.

Can I come in and out of the Marquee Lounge during the production?

Yes, the Marquee Lounge is available to you before and during the performance.